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Sometimes a picture and just a few words says more. This section contains our library of original captioned pictures (memes), in the style which is currently popular all over the internet. You are free to share these, but please credit our site. Contributions and suggestions are very welcome. See our Facebook page for more picture content:

Mido Macia is dragged to his death by South African police. Click! Click! Click! (Original photo courtesy of scottchan, Police needlessly kill Leon Rosby's dog as they arrest him for filming. For video clip click the picture. (Warning: distressing).

Meme Collection

The war on terrorism: pure lust. (Original picture sourced from a houseboat in the UK). scores of Muslim Brotherhood supporters are killed in a brutal crackdown by the miltary leadership in Cairo, 14th August, 2013. See The Globe news page for the story. illegal use of sarin gas kills over 1,000 civilians in Syria, many of them children.