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To advertise, contact us. Community ads are free, other suitable ads free until further notice.


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If you live in the UK, Netherlands or Germany, this job oppportunity can offer you the chance of additional funds to boost your income or even, over time, provide you with a primary income. Click on the link to email us and we will send you further information.


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Free for non-business ads, and free for business ads until further notice. Examples of suitable items for this page would include: community help groups; community events; community services; ‘micro’ businesses; ‘green’ goods for sale or swap; charities; websites, etc.

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What’s your take on the world?

You can drop us an instant message here. Tell us what you think about the website or the issues facing the world. The website will eventually become a resource for pchat eople to worldwide about issues that concern them. Please keep it clean - offensive comments will be deleted and if necessary you’ll be blocked from the site. Important: you must enter a name / pseudonym for the ‘Send’ button to activate. Comments here are eventually deleted, so use the Forums for more permanent and in-depth discussion.

Useful Links:

If you want advice about how to stop rip-off merchants bleeding your funds dry, take a look at the excellent site, as featured on BBC’s Watchdog.

New Scientist is a great way to keep abreast of environmental and other scientific issues. Basic subscription is free, as explained in their FAQ section.

BBC News gives an informative and well-balanced account of world events, and also has detailed sections on the environment, technology etc.

Wikipedia and Wiktionary are excellent online resources to further your knowledge. These are open source, so bear in mind that they can potentially be corrupted by malicious individuals, but they are well policed, so normally very reliable.

Global Fightback likes:

Avaaz and 38 Degrees.

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Bettery Magazine

Abbey Organic Farm, Shop, & Camping

The Brecon Beacons National Park, UK.

Send us a picture of your local village, town, or region, and we’ll feature it here in a scrolling slideshow. Contact us here.